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Pricing Approach

Accommodating Various Budgets

I aim to provide a fair and reasonable pricing structure, designed to accommodate various budgets. I prioritize flexibility, choice, and transparency by allowing you to determine session length as well as the number of sessions you attend and how often. Since Consultations are scheduled one at a time, on an as-needed basis, working with me doesn't need to be a recurring or ongoing weekly or monthly expense. The mindset with Consultations is that attending just one session is sometimes all a person needs to get moving in the right direction. In other words, you choose how much you spend on Consultations. I believe in accessibility and reject the idea that higher fees equal better service.

Included in the Fee

The fee for a Consultation covers more than just our time together in the meeting itself. It includes a written summary of what we covered in our session with a list of action steps, along with links to suggested resources relevant to your specific situation. You'll receive this follow-up material within a day or two of your session, so there's no need to take notes during our conversation or go searching for resources on your own. The written summary with your take-aways will help you to continue to remind yourself of what you learned and to apply the tools and strategies in your life on an ongoing basis.

FAQ re: Health Insurance Coverage

Since Consultations are described as therapy-ish, you might have questions about whether they're covered by health insurance, since therapy typically is. As noted throughout this site, Consultations are not the same as psychotherapy/clinical counseling and are not for the treatment of mental health conditions, and are therefore not eligible for health insurance coverage.


Health Insurance Coverage & Medical Necessity

The health insurance system can be extremely complex and difficult to understand completely, even for many providers. But here's the bottom line: Health insurance doesn't cover everything related to the health of our bodies and minds, only the services that meet medical necessity standards. Even if a service is deemed medically necessary, in order to be covered it has to meet certain criteria and each service is covered at different rates. Co-pays, co-insurance and deductibles are paid first before the health insurance company pays the rest of the cost, and individual policies vary in their coverage. Further, there can be a number of services that are not covered by health insurance, even though they're related to our physical or mental health. For example, elective procedures are often not covered, because the idea is you can choose to have it or not have it, so it is not considered medically necessary.

Another way to think of it:

If you go to get a service at a spa or a stylist, of course your health insurance wouldn't cover those services, even though they are body-related and some would say they help both our physical and mental health greatly! But they're not considered treatment for a disorder that has a diagnosis. You get to choose whether you get the service and how soon you come back, if at all, for another service. So it is with with Consultations. They are a unique service that you can choose to do to enhance your overall well-being, but they are not medically necessary. And though Consultations aren't eligible for health insurance coverage, I aim to make them affordable with my flexible pricing approach.

Fee Options

You choose the length of your Consultation.
  • 30-minute session: $60

  • 45-minute session: $90

  • 60-minute session: $120

  • 75-minute session: $150

Free 10-minute phone call for new clients

Anyone who hasn't worked with me before is encouraged to have a 10-minute call at no charge before scheduling a Consultation. I can answer your questions about my services and working approach and we can see if we'd be a good fit to work together.

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Ready to schedule?

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