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Contact Info & FAQ

Contact Information

Thank you for visiting my site. If you feel that my services might be helpful for you or if you have any questions, please contact me.

Email or text is the quickest way to get in touch!

Please note:

  • I reply to every inquiry, so if you send me a message through email and haven’t heard back in two business days, it means it didn't get through, so please contact me by phone or text. (And vice versa for a phone or text message.) Your persistence is always welcome, as technical glitches happen every now and again!

  • Please provide both an email address and phone number…so if one isn't working for me to get back in touch, I can try you at the other one.

  • If I am out of the office on a regular business day, you will get an auto-reply to let you know.

  • To ensure receipt of my responses through email, please be sure to check your junk/spam or promotions folder or whitelist to allow emails through your ISP.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Consultations?

In a nutshell, Consultations are 1:1 solution-oriented conversations that offer practical support and guidance for life’s challenges, minus the commitment to ongoing therapy. Provided by an experienced therapist, these sessions can help you handle problems and struggles in any area of your life, including relationships/family, work/career, health/well-being, and overall stress, with a focus on tools, strategies and resources you can use in your life right away. They’re therapeutic but different than traditional therapy in both focus and format. They’re standalone sessions, scheduled as needed and promptly, (usually within a few days,) on your timeline and at your convenience. You can choose the length of the session and whether to have just one, a few in a row on a short-term basis, or periodically when a difficult situation arises. I’m a believer that meaningful conversations can change everything! After our conversation, not only will you have greater perspective and clarity on realistic and workable next steps to handle the situation you’re struggling with, you’ll also feel fully understood, like someone’s in your corner, and you’re not alone in figuring things out.

Who are Consultations for?

Adults 20 and older in Maine. I work 1:1 only, not with couples, families or groups.

Consultations are great for people who:

  • are unsure about the need for traditional or ongoing therapy

  • find that the focus or format of traditional therapy is not a fit

  • want to talk things over with a professional when a challenging situation comes up, but don’t necessarily want regular therapy


Do you offer Consultations in person? Where are they held?

Consultations are held remotely only, via phone or video call. I usually say, "from the comfort of your own home" but you can choose to be any place you're comfortable and have some good internet or cell service—and privacy—for the call. (I only do Consultations with people located in Maine.)


How are Consultations scheduled?

Contact me and we’ll schedule a free 10-minute phone call to clarify if a Consultation is the right thing for you, and then we’ll schedule your Consultation, usually within a few days. You choose the length of the session and whether you want to have it via phone or video call. Find out more about how they work here.


Does health insurance cover the cost?

No. Consultations are not eligible for health insurance coverage, but I aim to make them affordable with my flexible pricing approachyou choose the length of the session, how many you attend and how often, and you schedule as-needed, so it's not an ongoing expense. Read more info about this topic here.


How much do Consultations cost?

Consultations are reasonably-priced and you can choose the length of your session based on your budget and preferences. You can also choose to have just one, a few in a row on a short-term basis, or periodic sessions when tough situations come up. Therefore, the fees are not a regular expense and you choose how much to spend on Consultations. The least expensive option is $60, but you can find all the fee options here.

Do you provide regular therapy/counseling any more?

No, not at this time. Although I am a licensed clinical professional counselor and have the qualifications to provide psychotherapy, I've shifted away from clinical counseling and now offer only Consultations.

If I already know you personally or professionally, can I work with you as a Consultant?

The short answer is: It depends.

The longer answer is: Even though I don’t offer counseling at this time, I still adhere to the ethics codes of the counseling profession in my role as a Consultant, and something called ‘dual relationships’ can come into play when working with people that I know in a different capacity. Dual relationships, where a client is also a friend, family member, business associate, or has another connection with me, are carefully considered and often avoided in order to best serve my clients. During Consultations, we’ll likely be talking about personal or private information about your life, and we’d need to determine if working together in a Consultant-Client capacity would serve you best based on our existing relationship, your comfort level, and whether I’d be able to maintain appropriate boundaries, objectivity, and focus on your well-being. Contact me and we can discuss your individual situation.

Are Consultations a replacement for therapy?

No, they're not a replacement for therapy. They're another option for people who don't want or need therapy (or aren't sure if they do). They're distinct from psychotherapy/clinical counseling in a number of ways and are not a substitute for any other kind of mental health care or substance abuse treatment. If you need help with a mental health condition, you will be best served by engaging in psychotherapy/clinical counseling. You can read more about what Consultations are not here, and find out more about the differences between Consultations and therapy here.

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Doing a Consultation with me is like having a mash-up of an interior designer, a personal trainer and a wilderness guide for your mind, heart, and life.

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