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About Me

I'm a voracious learner and seeker, and I'm devoted to deepening my understanding of psychology, practicing mindfulness consistently, gaining insights into the human condition, and advancing the personal growth of others as well as myself. I'm completely immersed in the world of psychological well-being…I live and breathe it and study it for a living (and just for fun). I'm fiercely committed to helping people struggle less and move forward toward what matters most to them, step by tiny step, even in the face of hard times.

People say working with me offers...

  • the comforting vibes and insightful warmth of a go-to big sister

  • the straight-shooting yet approachable guidance of a wise aunt

  • the clear and down-to-earth support of your favorite teacher

Education, Training & Experience

  • Master’s degree in counseling and psychology and 17 years of experience as a psychotherapist and Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, with an emphasis on evidence-based approaches.

  • Over 3 decades' experience in the helping professions, including work as an educator/teacher, trainer, and various counseling and coaching roles.

  • In depth knowledge, understanding, training and experience in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy/Training (ACT), as well as Compassion-Focused Therapy and other mindfulness-based approaches.

That's what I say when I describe my training and experience. But what I've always cared most about is:

  • alleviating the pain of not being understood,

  • lessening the strain of feeling alone in figuring things out,

  • helping people understand there's nothing wrong with them.

My Personal Experience
Has Shaped My Professional Identity

I believe that certain personal experiences have shaped who I am as a professional and contributed to some hard-earned practical wisdom; they've developed my empathic understanding of human struggles, helped me understand existential distress, and added layers of strength and resilience to my journey.


These experiences include:

  • healing from a cancer diagnosis and treatment at age 31;

  • managing the role of caregiver for family members living with dementia and illness;

  • having family members with mental illness and other mental health challenges;

  • navigating various "little T traumas" and firsthand experience with chronic pain, depression and anxiety at various points in my history.

On the Personal Side

I see myself as a life strategist, a personal development expert, a psychological well-being navigator, a teacher, and a bit of a weirdo who's always been compelled to chart her own course.


I firmly believe that practicing self-compassion and compassion for others serves as the glue that binds everything together.


I believe it’s helpful to stop the fights with reality that we humans tend to have and to instead acknowledge what is, and make choices for how to move forward given that reality.


I think it's helpful to choose what we want to stand for in the face of the hard shit that life hands us.


I adore long-form content and prefer clarity over brevity.

I want to love cooking, but I actually hate cooking. Well, hate might be strong, but I very much dislike it. However, I reaallllyyy love cleaning. And organizing. Honestly to an unreasonable degree. I clean and organize for fun.


I'm a realist and at the same time I'm open to the mysterious, mystical, and inexplicable.


I can be very intense and serious but I'm working on lightening up and being playful more often. I crack myself up daily, but I'm aware that not everyone thinks I'm as funny as I think I am!


I'm very introverted and love being alone, but I love also being social, especially when it involves long, meaningful conversations with like-minded people.

I love being a good steward of my home, of taking good care of it and all its parts and pieces.


I'm a big fan of the m dash, the slash, the oxford comma, parentheses...ok, so I love punctuation of all sorts, because it helps me to convey clearly what I want to say, how I want to say it.


I'm an artist of sorts. My mom taught me to be craft-y at a very young age and I grew up always finding ways to create something out of nothing. As an adult, I've explored various forms of art throughout the years—from jewelry-making to modern calligraphy and stained glass mosaics (which you'll see photos of throughout this site). Music has been a constant passion, with over 30 years of singing in bands of all sizes and styles. I've also been a dancer at various points in my life—from childhood classes to a modern dance company in college to adult hip-hop and tap classes. And although I'm an ok dancer and moderately coordinated, I run into door frames on a fairly regular basis.

I have not had new business photos taken in 10 years. (It's next on the list.) Therefore, you'll see a fairly different face and hair (and glasses) when you meet with me than you do on this site!

You can find out about the pricing for Consultations here.
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